Sunday, July 30, 2017

Brigadistas Raffle Day July 29th, 2017 at the Lake Chapala Society

The Brigadistas arrived in style to the Lake Chapala Society (LCS)

They were met and welcomed by Poco A Poca San Pedro volunteers Kari Higgins and Fco. Nava

And they went to work...setting up the ticket sales area for the raffle

Information Board

As the rest of the participants arrived, the tension began to build

Laptop and raffle tixs at the ready

Last minute ticket sales were included and the winning ticket was selected
by LCS volunteer Barbara Hildt.

 The Brigadistas gifted the LCS a commemorative fern as a 
"Gracias" for all their support

The raffle winner was Lic. C. Carlos Fuentes, who graciously offered to donate the new 
laptop to the Brigadistas for their use

The Mayor and the Brigadistas at LCS

We wish to thank the wonderful staff at the Lake Chapala Society for all their support,
all the generous people of Ajijic who purchased tickets to the raffle
and the amazing volunteers who helped make this happen.

Without you, we could not move forward and improve our world.


Poco A Poco San Pedro y Los Brigadistas

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Brigadistas at Lake Chapala Society

Please join us on Saturday july 29th, 2017 at 11 a.m. at the Lake Chapala Society in Ajiji
for the drawing of the winning raffle ticket.  (tixs are 30 pesos each). 
The raffle prize is a new HP laptop computer.

The brigadistas are raising this money to pay for 14 new Brigadista uniforms for the new Brigadista leaders who have just joined the program.  The cost of the uniform (including the boots) is around 1,200 pesos per leader, and the leaders have to raise part of the cost themselves – thus the raffle.

The Brigadista leaders are trained in Guadalajara to fight fires and provide emergency first aid,
as it would be unlikely that a fire truck could ever reach these remote areas in time.

There are over 1,300 children now enrolled in the program. 

Being in the Brigadista program means that they all have to take part in community projects, 
help with clean up of their communities, and stay in school.   
Education will make a difference to their lives.

Thank you for your interest and support!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

San Pedro Itzican School Garden Update - July 14th, 2017

We arrived at the San Pedro Itzican school garden with high hopes of seeing our plantings growing, lush and thriving.  What we found was anything but....the extremely heavy rains and leaf cutter ants had taken their toll.  The 30 moringa tree seedlings we had planted were almost gone.  There were a few left, stripped of their leaves and drowned by the rains.

Luckily we had received a 'heads up' from Anita of the Brigadistas and Myrian of Poco A Poco San Pedro as to the state of the garden.  Our ever vigilant and insightful Doris Wakeman had the foresight to bring replacement trees....these older and stronger than the seedlings.

After a moment of disappointment and sadness we went to work planting the new trees.

The school children were given a quick refresher course on planting and off we went...the crew working and restoring our moringa garden, albeit with fewer trees.

Everyone lent a hand and soon the young moringa trees were in the ground.

Kari makes sure the new plantings are done properly.

Doris and Fco. 

Due to the nature of the school garden and perceived future, heavy rains, we decided to leave the rest of the plants we had brought in the Brigadista Home Office vivero.

 Fco. y los Brigadistas

In the Brigadista's vivero

In addition to the plants we had brought, we were gifted with pomegranate trees from the San Pedro reforestation project.

You find hope the same way you find happiness. 
You give it to someone else and borrow a little of it back.
 ~Robert Brault

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Mom's Birthday Visit - July 2017

Mom arrived in Tlaquepaque right on time for my birthday on July 5th, 2017.  She has now made the trip to celebrate with me in Mexico several years, and she always seems to enjoy her stay.  This time around she spent a few days in Puerto Vallarta, prior to arriving in Tlaquepaque, and reported that everything went extremely well.

 Mom and my Primo Raul catching up

  My familia arrived to celebrate with me

 Me and my ahijado, Jorge

During one of our conversations we joked about renting a large bus to take our clan to Autlan, cradle of our maternal family's the next day, while shopping, we decided to 'spur of the moment' jump in a taxi and make the beautiful trip through the countryside to Autlan, Jalisco.

Fco., Martha y Victor Manuel on the road to Autlan

 Mom, Estefania y Primo Memo reconnect

Mom, Gina y David

My cousin Gina had been trying to get me on the phone to wish me a happy we surprised her with an impromptu visit....she was overjoyed. 

On the road back to Tlaquepaque

A bit tired from all the driving, we enjoyed the quick trip and visit immensely.

Mom y Jorge in San Juan Cosala

Not to shy away from traveling, we jumped into the family van and made the short trek to San Juan Cosala, land of the natural hot springs, where my mother wanted to spend the day and night.

 Huaracheria in Jocotepec

And as is the case with most good travelers, we shopped for local this case a wonderful huarache shop in Jocotepec.

 Martha y Victor Manuel decide on a pair

Then it was off to Chapala in search of delicious, local cheese.  On the way we happened on a meat vendor selling chicharones....and had to try a sample.

 Mom tells vendor her thoughts

Tlaquepaque has morphed into a destination town....full of shops, eateries and specialty items.  Case in point, the fantastic store (and my favorite) of Corazon de la Tierra.

 Ritual Costume

Breakfast Buffet at Restaurant San Pedro

We happened upon a new restaurant in Tlaquepaque....Restaurant San Pedro.  My Mom liked it so much that she returned several times to breakfast there during her visit.

Budha Fountain

 2 Hungry Dudes

 Jorge's Ride

 Family Photo


2 Men

 Fountain at Sergio Bustamante

 Ingenious; Local Trashcan


Saying goodbye to the family for now, I returned home to my bi-weekly food give away program....despensas, with my Grupo Axixic Michicihualli.  Gotta love these Mexicans Helping Mexicans!

Fco. at Despensa