Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On The Road Back

My trip back to L.A. was much more difficult than I ever imagined. I've been mulling it over trying to distill why....and I believe that what I experienced was closure and loss and grieving...grieving the loss of my Dad, my mother's youth, the life we had there, leaving my family and friends, my career and work, my home...and I know that these losses are all to be expected...but I'm truly not a strong person...I'm a sensitive being who dreams beautiful visions and for some reason feels that he can make these visions materialize and happen. This ability to dream and make things happen came from my Dad, Papi. Just as he was able to envision something in the material plane and then make it with his hands, I too can create something similar....dream, envision and then work with people and environment and make these things real. I never thought I had the gift my father had, but now I see that I do...only the ability manifests in my own style/way. This is a revelation to epiphany...a gift.
In the cycle of life, our losses all seem to lead to revelations...rebirths...epiphanies...if we are fortunate.
Our Savior, Mimi
During our time in Los Angeles, we were taken in by two generous souls....our dear friends Mimi and Larry.  At the exact moment when we needed shelter and a warm smile of welcome, their doors opened to us.  They allowed me to be baptised into my new life, swimming daily in their Hockneyesque pool.  They offered silence and introspection by way of their beautiful library.  For these and many more unspoken gifts we are truly grateful.  Gracias.
Our Savior, Holly
Every so often, if you are truly blessed, you come across a sensitive being who feels your life rhythms.  This person for me is my lovely friend Holly.  After a month of life in Los Angeles, Holly felt that we needed a respite from our long journey home, and offered us her mountain retreat.  Who knew that by going up in altitude our souls would ground themselves like windswept plumas/feathers slowly touching down to earth?  Gracias mi querida Holly.
In Idyllwild with Susana

Hugo Teachin' Brad A Few Tricks

Los Amigos, Brad y Chico

Truck Stop Shot

Frontera Nogales
No matter how many times I cross the border with Mexico, the frontera always moves me...and not in a good way.  This symbol of divide....of conflict....of so many pains...tears at my heart and reminds me of how askew our human thoughts and visions can be.
And yet, once that divide is traversed, a calm returns propelled by open dessert winds, rustically beautiful vistas and so warm smiles...this is Mexico!

Mazatlan Man

Mexico Sky Is The Limit 

Our local celebrity, Pepe Loco

Brad warping his new loom

Brad, Dulce the Halcon y Craig


Hibiscus in our garden

All this to say we love living in paradise...and it apparent likes us we's stayin'!

Panoramic view of Ajijic Plaza from Sazon Restaurant

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