Thursday, October 25, 2018

***International Institute - United Nations Day - Los Brigadistas***

We were asked to present our programs from the San Pedro Itzican area to the students of the International Institute of Chapala. The day happened to be United Nations Day on the campus.  We were asked to close the day of exhibitions with our presentation.  Doris Wakeman, Kari Higgins, Anita Torres Guerrero and the Brigadistas were present for the event.

International Institute

Through our curriculum and school environment, we aim to foster well-rounded scholars who not only feel responsibility toward the global community, but also take action to become active, ethical citizens of this community. Such global citizens should be versed in languages in order to communicate with their neighbors, and also the arts to communicate their messages in a profound, creative variety of media.

     Students assemble in the auditorium for our presentation

Life East of Mezala

We first established the location.

When we first arrived we asked the community what they wanted.

We responded by helping create programs that echoed their requests:

It was a beautiful day of exchange and mutual admiration.

Anita shared a very emotional and personal account of life East of Mezcala.

Mathew closed the presentation with an explanation of how the student's work will influence
and help the needy communities.

Special thanks go to:


and all the students of the International Institute for their continued support with our programs.

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