Saturday, December 22, 2018

Breakfast Program in La Zapotera and Posada in San Pedro Itzican

La Zapotera

My friend Harvey Bernier invited me to attend breakfast in La Zapotera at the Community Center.  The Community Center is housed in the building that was renovated with funds from the 
Lakeside Presbyterian Church and now is used for the children's breakfast program.

Chayote Field

We arrived a little past 10 a.m. and found the children waiting in line outside, anxious and hungry.

La Zapotera has approximately 500 school aged children that partake of the breakfast program.

The Community Center is able to feed 100 children breakfast per day, 
Children come to breakfast every 3rd day at the Community Center. 

Breakfast Program Sign-Up Sheets

The line up is orderly and the kids know they will all be served breakfast.

Our Volunteer Kitchen Staff is at the ready.

Today's breakfast was scrambled eggs in red sauce, rice, tortillas and 
pineapple agua fresca...all delicious!

The main Community Center room becomes a breakfast eating room.

Nutritional posters are hung, reminding the children to eat healthily.

We were told that 120 children were fed breakfast that day.   There are always those that are hungry and show up even though it is not their allotted day....and no one is every turned away hungry.

The Community Center also houses the Bazar/Token store.  We found it orderly and attractive.

 Don Antonio explains the schedule for this coming Monday.

San Pedro Itzican

Harvey graciously offered to drive us to San Pedro Itzican on the way home.  We found Anita and her Brigadistas at work in the nursery/vivero.

All the plants were growing beautifully and Harvey was impressed to see so much food being grown in such  a small space.  Anita said the key was to grow everything with lots of love.

Today was also to be the Brigadista Posada and everyone was busy cooking and preparing.

My friends Kathleen and Tom Dailey had given me a donation to deliver to Anita.  It was a bag of coins and an envelope with bills.  Anita said it could not have come at a better time, as she was scrambling to see how she was going to pay for the rest of the items for the posada.
 With Kathleen and Tom's donation she was able to cover all the remaining costs.

Gracias Kathleen and Tom!

The posada took place at our newest Brigadista office in San Juan Tecomatlan.

Presente was The Mayor, Sr. J. Trinidad, Lopez Rivas and his assistant along with Anita.

All posadas must have pinatas, and ours was no exception.

Happiest of Holidays.

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