Sunday, March 24, 2019

+++++++++++++++++++ A Dynamic Day ++++++++++++++++++

Receiving a check from the Karen Rowell of the Lake Chapala Garden Club

Some days are invigorating....some are challenging.  Today was dynamic!  The day started with a generous donation from the Lake Chapala Garden Club (LCGC).  The LCGC has been a constant support to our Vivero project and today they presented us with a check for needed garden materials. 
 What a great way to start the day.

Our friends Dee and Doris, along with our friend Frank Ewer donated garden tools and supplies.

We had several guests at the Vivero.  Of note were Martin Meza and Brad "Mulch" Mowers, both experienced gardeners.

Maestro Brad led us through a presentation on "Soil". 

And Maestro Martin worked with the youth teaching them about heirloom seeds and germination.

Our garden keeps growing, even with less-than-perfect soil.

Frank Ewers had given us some special beans so Barbara Reinhart and Paula Whittingham both decided to make a bean planter bed.

Our new friend Priscilla Taylor brought along cuttings from her garden to share with the Brigadistas.

Priscilla patiently taught the youth how to properly pot cuttings.

The results are beautiful.

We were also joined that day by new friends Mino y Felipe Gerard.  Felipe and Brad got to work on our compost area.


This was a special day.  The first of our Swiss Chard was ready to harvest and the group decided that the first harvest should be given in appreciation to the two neighboring families, who have provided water and have kept a watch over our new Vivero.

Martin did the honors and showed the youth how to properly harvest the food. 

Our littlest Brigadista.

Our mascots, Abejita and Periquita are always by our side.

Mino, Brad and Felipe also worked on our mulch supply.

In the middle of all the activity, a few of us stole away to collect some construction soil, that had been given to us.

The kids decided to make a planting circle with some of the donated plants.

Our Vivero project is developing nicely.

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers, supporters and youth.

We'd especially like to thank

The Lake Chapala Garden Club


Barbara Reinhart
Paula Whittingham
Mino and Felipe Gerard


Martin Meza
Brad "Mulch" Mowers
Priscilla Taylor


Frank Ewers
Dee & Doris from Agua Escondida

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