Monday, September 16, 2019

+++++++++++++++++++ Seasonal Transitioning +++++++++++++++ many times have we experienced this in our lifetimes?

One season comes and gifts us with her treasures as the next season, on the horizon,
looks on in anticipation, waiting to take her rightful place.

At Vivero La Esperanza it was time to remove our beloved Squash plants.
They had provided us with so many lovely orbs of food.  The Zucchini plants yielded a
surprise when removed....we found a lovely group of green chili plants
sprouting and growing happily underneath them.

 Our Amaranth garden continues to grow....almost ready for havesting.

And we didn't have the heart to remove the lovely, large Col/Cabbage plants due to their beauty.
Good thing we didn't...we found that a second harvest was growing, similar to the way
Brussel Sprouts sprout....and we're waiting to see if we can harvest these as well.

Mino led the charge with our Beet plant harvest.  I told the kids we could also eat the 
Beet Leaves...and they are waiting to sample the goods at home.

Time now to start a new garden bed with all the lovely plantulas/starters that we have
germinated from seed.  These are cold weather plants that will do well as our
days get shorter and cooler.

Meanwhile, out tomatoes happily were growing and turning a blushing red. 

 And while on a fabric shopping spree to the Santa Teresita neighborhood in Guadalajara we stumbled
upon the newest item on our Vivero wish list....a tinaco fit for a Rain Catchment King.

How far away is Dia De Los 3 Reyes?

In the following weeks at Vivero La Esperanza, Maestro Brad Mowers will be teaching natural found  material paper making and natural fiber dying to the community.

Stay tuned.

"The first day of Summer is also the last day of Spring."

- Kit Williams

And don't forget to join us for our Plant and Garden Sale
this coming Saturday.

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