Friday, October 25, 2019

++++++++++ San Pedro Itzican Continues To Grow +++++++++++

It has been a while since our last post on this blog....we've been busy!

Green Environs

Our Vivero project is undergoing some growth and changes, just like out plants.

Vivero Beautification is underway.

Winter is offering some new opportunities and we're prepping to start a model container garden, garden classes, plant our winter crops and put more of a focus on community home gardens.

The garden in our San Pedro Itzican offices has been providing harvests throughout the rainy season, and continues to feed our community.

Today our Reforestation Project was in full swing....with 3000 new Rosa Morada trees to be planted.

So far this year we've planted 3000 Guayabos and 2000 Pomegranate trees as well.

Rosa Moradas


Our office/community kitchen is feeding 40 meals every day to those in need.

Our new, home made, wood burning oven is cooking up a storm.

Our oven recently made Dia De Los Muertos bread.

Our food despensas continue to assist those most in need.

Renal Transplant Support

Our friends Jim Novak and Robert came out today to visit.  Jim and his wife Kate are sponsors
of our very much needed Emergency Medical Fund.  Jim and Kate's donations will go to provide
transplant candidate medical compatibility reports to our community transplant candidates.

Tradicional Dance Troupe

 Queen Anita models one of our headdresses

We are prepping for an honorable festival on the Island of Mezcala in November, hosted by the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Jalisco.  Our Traditional Dance Troupe will be performing and rehearsals are in progress.

English Classes

English classes are held weekly in San Pedro Itzican.

As well as Information Technology/Computer classes.

Sewing Classes

Or sewing teacher Sofia of Fiaga Clothing in Ajijic has been giving our women
sewing classes.  The women of San Pedro Itzican are now sewing and selling 
reusable, recycled material shopping bags.

Just a few of the activities that Poco A Poco and the Brigadistas of San Pedro Itzican 
are working on.

Stay Tuned....there is lots more to come!

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