Tuesday, March 30, 2021

+ Gardening Classes Continue at Huerto Coxalan - On Line +

 When ChangeMakers cancelled it's projects in San Juan Cosala, due to the pandemic and its limitations,  the Coordinator Monica Masini Aguilera asked me if I might be interested in continuing our Huerto Coxalan efforts on-line.  I had previously been asked to teach my gardening courses via Zoom...so here was the perfect opportunity to stretch my wings and give it a go.

We are currently in our 4th week of an 8 week "Introduction To Gardening At Lakeside" course.

The girls are meeting regularly on-line, attending lectures and applying what they learn
in their own home gardens.

We decided to meet in person, following proper Covid protocols, in an outdoor location to have
our first Seed Exchange.  We drove to San Pedro Tesistan, on the south side of the lake so that
2 of our students who live in the area could also attend.

Alondra y Yasmin

Alondra lives in the town of San Pedro Tesistan.  Her mother, father and brother Jonathan
also attended out outdoor gathering and have offered to provide a plot of land
for a Huerto in San Pedro Tesistan.

Watch how our gardens grow.

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