Tuesday, August 7, 2012


We've been spending quite a bit of time in the lote or garden that we planted.  We started a few weeks ago...and since it rains almost everyday or night and the sun shines most days, the plants love the caresses of the landscape and grow quickly.

Our lote...notice the height of the corn...not quite to an elephant's eye...but soon!

Brad tweaks his rain catchment system...now it is optimized.

Maiz y Ejotes

Lovely clabazitas...growing beautifully.

And in the midst of all the work we also find time to enjoy the scenery.

Santiago y Familia weeding.

Reading and contemplating while Brad works.

Discussing growing techniques

Maiz y Tomatitos

Happy Gardeners

There is a tranquilness of body and spirit that happens when you pull weeds, bury your hands in rich soil, sweat sincerely and sit enjoying the products of your efforts...this cannot be replicated in any other way for us.  We hope you find your tranquilness wherever you are.

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