Saturday, August 25, 2012


1 Year Anniversary                                                                      August 25th, 2012
It has been a year today that my father Francisco Javier Gonzalez Murguia passed.
At times the death seems as if it happened only yesterday…at other’s as if it has been an eternity.
My father was nothing else if not the definitive engineer and photographer.  Before he left the house, he always had a few pencils in his pocket holder and his camera hanging from his shoulder.  We are blessed to have his photos, which today remind me of the giving, selfless, caring, professional, family man he was.
I want to share some of his lesser known images with you, hoping that they help you remember him and help keep him close to your hearts.  To those who did not personally know him, I hope these images help form the figure of  a man, who was one of my heroes, in your mind’s eye.
Francisco, Fco., Frank, Javiersito, PAL, Cisco, Jr.


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