Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Flow

Fco. at Corrida Opening Festivities
It's been a while since our last blog....since December 2012.  The reason...we've been a bit busy with new projects, new businesses, setting up a new home and just enjoying life where we can.
Brad has been busy teaching Natural Dyeing and Recycled Paper making classes at The Adobe Studio here in Riberas del Pilar.  The Adobe Studio is owned and operated by Jan Steinbright, a relocated
Alaskan and Basketry teacher.  She and Brad have been spreading local arts and crafts throughout the area...which just goes to show you that even in this land of rich artistic history there is room for something different and new.
Charis y Brad, Ajijic Society of Arts exhibition and sale, Ajijic Plaza
Student indigo dyeing samples, Adobe Studios, Riberas del Pilar
Brad has also started his own line of fiber products, which he is selling here lakeside.  He has found a wealth of new, natural dyeing material locally and has been experimenting.
I've been busy setting up the first Recycling and Collection Center here in the lakeside area.  My partner and I are bringing new jobs, new ecological, recycling opportunities to the community of Chapala and environs.  We've rented and are renovating an old madereria or furniture workshop which we will make into La Recicladora de la Ribera de Chapala, or RRC.

Bodega Exterior

Bodega Interior
I've also been busy sustainably renovating a 200 year old, hacienda style home in Ajijic.

Fco. overseeing delivery and placement of Efren Gonzalez's Frida

The Ajijic home now has a salt water jacuzzi and pool.....and....a new Frida.  I attended the Castellanos Art Street Festival a few weeks back and saw 2 beautifully large, painted Fridas serving as festival entryways.  I learned that our local painter and teacher, Efren Gonzalez had painted them.  When I inquired as to what he planned for the Fridas after the festival he answered he was going to use the Fridas as headboards for his bed.  I asked him if they might be for sale, and now here one sits in my client's Ajijic house.

Fco's Frida
The other Frida sits in the entry room area of our new home.
I tell my business partner and friend, Craig, that when you find yourself on your life path, the appropriate one for you, it's as if you are flowing on a beautiful river.  Craig says all he is familiar with is 'swimming up stream'.  I tell him to get used to flowing with the current.
Iglesia, Jocotepec
 Brad finds fiber samples
 Huichol Vendor
 Blessing of the animals, Ajijic
Vino Blanco Portrait


  1. I love the Fridas! How fabulous. You both look happy and handsome as ever.


  2. Great to see and read about your new year so far. Many good projects! I love the Fridas, too! The more I get into foto y video the more I appreciate your photojournalism. Love, HJ