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Our days are typically full of color and in point, our impromptu visit to our local tianguis in Ajijic, (on Wednesdays) where we spotted a Huichol merchant, working and selling his beautiful, symbolic work.  I'm always mesmerized by their clothing, the images, colors and significance.  If this is their way of honoring the sacred in their culture, we should all be so beautiful.

Huichol Vendor


Pitayas or Pitahayas (sometimes know as Dragon Fruit) abound presently in our little part of the world. The fruit comes from a cactus plant (Familia: Cactaceae).  Their colors are vibrant, varied, luscious as is their taste.  Beneficial as a digestive, sometimes used as a calming food, it can also help with insomnia and nervous conditions.

After our tianguis visit, we were to visit the other side of Lake Chapala, traveling through the major town of Jocotepec to the smaller towns of San Pedro Tesistan, San Cristobal Zapotitlan, San Luis Soyatlan, Tuxcueca and Tizapan.

Magical Entrance to Ameyalko Tamoachan Tlalolcan

Our friends, who live on the south side of Lake Chapala, invited us for a visit and general orientation to their side of the lake.  The south side of the lake is more tranquil, with large expanses of land and vistas. We found a calming energy, more traditional indigenous towns and an amazing agroecological cooperative on the river dividing the states of Jalisco and Michoacan, Mexico.

The river is flanked by conifers and is constantly flowing...

Ameyalko Tamoachan Tlalolcan
Cooperative Agroecologica
Ejido La Brenia
Municipio Marcos Castellano, Michoacan
Espacio En Transicion

Vista of the "shire" as our friends call the cooperative

Our host Jose, is a permaculturalist, herbal healer and amazing spirit

Temescal In Progress

Along with other founding members, volunteer workers and friends of the cooperative Jose has "terra formed" the land into a welcoming, sustainable, organic oasis.

Jose, Brad, Wil y Draya

Friends - Brad, pups, Pinta, Draya y Will

Natural Spring

During our stroll we stopped at the spring that is the "eye of the water" and drank heartily.  I've very rarely had the opportunity to taste water at its was delicious!

Ojo De Agua

Drum Oven

Jose has so many projects in the works at the cooperative...that I found his calm manner can such a tranquil soul accomplish so much?  One of his projects is to create a drum oven.  The oven will be installed and surrounded by brick helping to insulate and streamline cooking.

The first residence at the cooperative is a wonderful home, made of local materials in sustainable manner. Its owners are transitioning to live full time at the cooperative.

First Residence

The land is lush with fruit trees, vegetable growth and ritual areas

Tools Of The Trade

I asked Jose what he needed to help continue his work....and not surprisingly, his answer was "A balance of resources...people power, materials and funds to purchase/obtain what we need.  Without this balance you can have many resources in one area and none in others and not see progress.  The key is balance."

South Side, High Rise, Bee Condo Units

Our chariot for the day....full cab...full bed...4 x 4 diesel power

South Side Vista

South Side Home

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