Friday, July 4, 2014

Grant Street

1315 Grant Street
Santa Monica,  CA 90405

The end of an era, the beginning of a new life.

The house on Grant Street was built in 1947.  It has been home to several of my family members, has been our family home on the west side of Los Angeles, a refuge, a retreat, a shelter for many of our friends.  It continues to be home to our California desert tortoise, Alice and several fruit trees.

Front Yard
Agaves and Succulents

Throughout my 30+ years living there, the Grant St. house has provided us with warmth, love, protection and comfort. It has seen new births, deaths, starts of new relationships, has been a place for nurturing creativity and has been a place where relationships with family and friends have been strengthened and forged

The home has been sold...and will hopefully be as warm, comforting and protective to its new owners.

We wish them well on this new journey.  

I wanted to share a few of the wonderful moments of our time at Grant St.  Enjoy!

Fco. y Brad
Birthday Anniversary

 Fco., Sandra and George

 Rebecca and Son

The Crooning Quartet 
Theresa, Rebecca, Kathy and Zan

Celebration Montage

Front Stoop Uncles
(taken by Kevin Mowers)

Fco., Ceci, Sandra and George

 Music Makers
Zan, Blase and Linda

Eavonka and Sandra

Danny and Sandra

 Vicki and I taking pictures of each other

 Da Guys
Brad, Keith and Fco.

 Getting to know each other

 Blase, Theresa y Linda

 Xmas Morning

Passion Flower

 Alice Having Breakfast

Waiting 4 The Food 

 Lovely Leslie in L.A.

 Danny and His Parents

Living Room 

 Dad Trying Something New
(Grant St. Alley)

 Garden Close Up

 Sandra Amongst The Atenuata

Cristina and Papi

 Luz Alicia

 Dad Relaxing

Remnant Tablecloths and Custom Flower Vases (by Brad)

Cousins Michael and Vicki

Alice and Ceci

 Dad Making A Point

Abuelo and Vicki

April and Joe


October Gathering

Dan and His Dad

Joe, Cristina Ceci and Sandra

Joe and Cristina

It Must Have Been Funny 


These are just a few of the moments spent at Grant St.  The home also played host to our parent's 50th wedding anniversary and numerous other milestones along the way.

The collective energy of the house and its visitors is palpable.

Thank you to all those who participated.


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