Sunday, July 10, 2016

Birthday in Tlaquepaque 2016

Love Is Everywhere

It has been 10 months since my last posting on this blogsite.....I've been busy with work, life, love, friends and most recently family.  My mother came to visit last week for my birthday.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA, a mystical place north of our border.

Ruben and Miramontes 

With her came my most treasured Aunt Tere and my joie de vivre cousin/hermano Ruben(sito).  I too am a "sito" being a Jr. to my father Javier...which makes me Javier(sito).  It's sorta an inside joke between cousins.

 Azulejo, Museo de Ceramica, Tlaquepaque

Rebeca, Museo de Ceramica, Tlaquepaque

Azulejo, Museo de Ceramica, Tlaquepaque

 Galeria, Sergio Bustamante, Tlaquepaque

 Galeria, Sergio Bustamante, Tlaquepaque

 Galeria, Sergio Bustamante, Tlaquepaque

Mom and Tia Tere, Galeria, Sergio Bustamante, Tlaquepaque

Casa de las Artesanias, Guadalajara

These next panels are from a wonderful partition screen
we found at Casa Tlaquepaque 

 Cocos Locos in Tlaquepaque Plaza

Plaza Andares, Puerta de Hierro, Guadalajara

We stopped for comida at Talento, one of Guadalajara's most prized restaurants.  The fact that we were greeted so warmly and asked to sit on their very comfortable reception sofa, while perusing the menu, added to the experience.  The food was wonderful!

My small birthday lunch with the family at El Patio Restaurant, Tlaquepaque


We also visited a childhood haunt...El Parque Azul, Guadalajara.  The visit sparked many memories.


Tlaquepaque Plaza, afternoon sunset

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