Thursday, October 20, 2016

SJC Field Trip

On a Thursday morning, very very early we set out to see the Project Feed Despensa and SJC Token Store.  Our guide, Martin arranged for us to visit both.

 Here we are, way too early for anyone's good....but happy nonetheless.

The Project Feed Despensa serves 96 families in need.  The volunteers were chipper 
and energetic, even at 8 a.m.

We had come to observe the operation; naturally we were swept into the action and found ourselves participating in the work.

Steve and Kalina seal bags for the despensa.

Everyone pitched in.

With the work done, the bags were filled and ready for the families.

Just like clockwork, the recipients showed up.

And just like clockwork, the volunteers dispensed the goods.  The organization was efficient,
friendly and quick.

Carol oversees the activities.

Our next stop...

Our next stop was the SJC Token Store.  Nancy greeted us and explained that the store has been open for approximately 1 year and they are providing an amazing array of services to the community.  Working out of the SJC Cultural Center, the store employs, trains, supplies and nurtures the locals.

Donations are the heart of the organization that gives token to locals who work, who can then exchange said tokens for goods at the store.

The inventory keeps growing and more items/donations are needed.

The local women, and seamstress students create much needed product.

Cottage industries are born here.  Case in point, a plastic bag, crochetted pouch.

At the end of the day we dropped off Kalina and admired her Guerilla Garden.

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