Thursday, November 3, 2016

Dia De Los Muertos 2016


Undoubtedly my favorite holiday of the year is Dia De Los Muertos.

I started the day early in Ajijic where I took in the special art exhibit in the Cultural Center, the altar creations around the plaza and the stunning tapetes.

Maestro Antonio Lopez Vega

The tapete artists start their work.

In addition to all the festivities, the school children of Saul Rodiles Elementary School wowed us all!
Their recycled material Catrinas were all the rage.

Saul Rodiles Elementary School Altars


A special tribute altar to Cantinflas

This heartfelt poem so appropriate.

Maestro Jesus Lopez Vega's work

Jose Duran created a recycled bottle cap Catrina.

Ajijic Kiosko

Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos

Our special destination this night was the town of Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos.  Their Dia de los Muertos celebration was expected to draw large crowds.  They were offering cash prizes for the best altars, Catrinas, interpretations, etc.

Entry - Papel Picado

This one entry for best Catrina should have been given an honorable mention.  This otherworldly creature pushed the entrant Catrina, who happened to use a wheel chair.

The B-52s have nothing on this Catrina.

  Special tribute altar to Gabriel Figueroa

Miniature Altar

Altar artist, Oscar tells us about his altar made for his recently departed father.

Amidst all the chaotic festivities, I found my dear friend Sergio, who was one of the
10 semi-finalists for Best Catrina.

Proudly, this 40 meter high Catrina was named the tallest Catrina on the planet
and made the Guinness World Record book.

Tribute altar to one of my favorite authors, Octavio Paz.

Amazing Paper Lanterns


Tribute altar to the heroes of Mezcala

Upon our return from Ixtlahuacan, we stopped in Chapala to experience the magic of the night.

  One of the painted, visiting pigs.

Riberas del Pillar

Meanwhile, we finished our altar at Huerto Cafe

My dear friend Ventura was also remembered.

Alondra and Erica greet the hungry spirits.

As a tribute to the dearly departed souls, Maestro Efren Gonzalez created a clay mask wall, adorned with the names of the people from the pueblo, who have left us.  It is a stunning work.

Of course, I needed to get into the swing of the evening and transformed myself into a
mischievous spirit.


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  2. Beatifull art, felicidades, to all the participantes.