Friday, April 6, 2018

Hope House - Ixtlahuacan, Jalisco Mexico - April 3rd, 2018

 Hope springs eternal, especially at Hope House in Ixtlahuacan.

Today I was invited by my new friend Patsy to tour Hope House located in Agua Escondida
in Ixtlahuacan.

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Hope House is a children’s shelter providing vital temporary and 24/7 residential care
for young boys ages 2-18 who have been abused, neglected or abandoned.

Their Mission

They are determined to break the cycle of abuse and neglect our boys have found themselves in
and, as a result, raise a generation of productive, successful young men.


Knowing of my interest in growing organic food, Patsy thought that the hydroponic gardens at Hope House would be of interest...she was right.


Our guide this morning was young Josue.  He is 11 years old.


Josue's trusty companion Moyo shadowed our every move.

The greenhouse has both in ground (earth) plantings as well as hydroponic plants


Josue told us that the kitchens at Hope House harvest food for their tables year round.

The hydroponic planting area uses common water and a pump that turns on every hour to irrigate the plants.

They do have small fish in the water recycling receptacle area, adding nutrients to the water as it circulates.  I guess you could call this an aquaponics garden.

In addition to the gardens the greenhouse also has a compost pit, that assists in efficiently
amending the garden soils.

 Hope House has vocational training programs for the boys.  One of the most developed is a fully equipped wood shop, where the boys learn, from volunteer teachers, the craft of woodworking.

Hope House is always looking for volunteers, to help them reach their goals.

Plant a seed of hope.  Contact Hope House.


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