Saturday, March 31, 2018

Women of Mezcala Jewelry Workshop & Garden Visits 3-30-18

In Mexico there is always something to celebrate. Whether it be the new birth of a baby burro or the birthday of a Brigadista, we are always ready to acknowledge these milestones.

Baby Burro

Today we arrived in La Cuesta/Mezcala to work with the 'Women Supporting Women' jewelry making group, bringing expert jewelry makers and teachers to hone the women's jewelry making skills.

Our dear friend and jewelry maker extraordinaire, Mary Ellen Rushworth, visited with us to teach the finer points of jewelry making to the women of Mezcala.

Donation Items

We were also gifted wonderful items from jeweler Darlene Dehlin.  Thank you for your gifts and support!

Jewelry Stand at Diane Pearl's in Ajijic

The women's jewelry is now being sold at Diane Pearl's and I Cugini shops in Ajijic.

This day we were also visited by Doris Wakeman's Mom, Dori.

And as it so happened today was also Brigadista Olga's birthday, so we brought along a 
cake, song and well wishes.

Everyone participated in the fun.

Chia Planters

I love visiting the Brigadista home office...there is always something new.  
This day the Chia egg carton planters were displayed.

Memories were made.

Then it was time to visit two of our pilot gardens.  First up was Jorge's family garden.

Everything was growing well, albeit a bit stressed from the mid day sun and watering challenges.

Next was the Chayote field.

Chayote P.O.V.

A beautiful harvest was had and Jorge's family gifted us with veggies to take home.

Laura's Family Garden

Laura's family plot was filled with lovely was harvest time.

We also were excited to see the progress on the land that was selected for the family's vegetable plot.  The land had been prepared.  We awaited additional fencing to finish the perimeter.

We were invited to walk down to the lake for a view.

And we were not was everywhere.

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