Tuesday, August 7, 2018

**** See How Our "Poco A Poco" Gardens Grow - August 2018 ****

Reye's Container Garden

As often happens in Mexico life seems to take on a rhythm of its own.  With summer came family vacations, travel, people shifting their usual schedules to accommodate seasonal needs.  
Our tribe saw a change of volunteer presence in our weekly trips to the San Pedro Itzican area
and, as a result things seemed to slow down a bit.

So it was with enthusiasm that we regrouped to continue our project workshops yesterday
in La Cuesta, La Pena, Mezcala and San Pedro Itzican.  While the music, knitting, hairstyling and makeup workshops continued, I was able to visit 2 of our 4 model home (huerto) gardens.

The first garden visited was Reye's Container Garden.  This garden exists on the rooftop of the Reye's family home.  This first season the family harvested many beautiful tomatoes, swiss chard,
lettuce, herbs and flowers.

Reye's mother is very happy with the garden, which has helped feed her family 
and has brought nutrition to the group.

As a result, the community surrounding this home is asking for more huerto gardens.
They all seem to want the same for their families.

Laura's Garden

Our largest huerto model garden is on Brigadista Laura's family land.  The plot they allowed us to farm has already yielded a wonderful harvest of squash.  The plot now is planted with 
delicious peas, cucumber and corn.

Laura, Anita y Doris 

This day we were visited by our friend, teacher and patrocinadora, Laura from
The Garden Center in Riberas Del Pilar.  Laura was instrumental in helping us start our "Food From Seed" program and was with us to view the progress.  She was most pleased.

 Lovely Peas

Fresh Cucumber

A scarcity of rain has not dampened the growth of our crops nor our spirits,
as the family has water access from the lake.

Tune in next week for a progress report from our other 2 model home huertos.

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