Friday, June 22, 2018

Desfile * Parade - Fiestas Patronales San Pedro Itzican

Wednesday June 20th, 2018
San Pedro Itzican

Paper Flowers for the Float

This year marks the first that Poco A Poco San Pedro Itzican has participated
in the Fiestas Patronales Parade at San Pedro Itzican.

Our intent was to have a float or carro alegorico that represented the programs
we have developed and that are functioning in the community.

Hair and Make Up Program

With the assistance of Maestro Rodrigo and the students from his Hair and Make Up Class
 the parade royal court was prepared.

The princesas were ready and excited to participate.

Even Anita had her hair do done.

Laura, one of our Reinas

Las 3 Reinas

After quite a bit of work the 3 Queens were ready to be presented.

Gowns and Jewelry were prepared, borrowed and laid out for display.


Brigadistas First Aid and CPR Training

The Brigadistas were also well represented on the float.  In addition to the Royal Court the 
Brigadistas were planning a First Aid and CPR demonstration on the float.

Baby CPR was handled by one of our youngest Brigadistas, Jesus.


The Parade Starts 

If you've ever driven through San Pedro Itzican you know there is one road in and one
road out.  This makes maneuvering a bit difficult, especially for a large vehicle.

  Jorde, one of our Music Workshop students, serenaded the Royal Court.

Next Year's Queens

We'd like to thank the good people of San Pedro Itzican
for allowing us to participate in this year's parade and
to work in their community.

The Brigadistas
Anita Torres Guerrero
El Mayor, J. Trinidad Lopez Rivas

Our Maestros/Maestras:

Rodrigo Perez, Hair & Make Up
Barbara Passarello, Jewelry
Kari Higgins, Knitting
Yanin Saavedra y Gil, Music
Doris Wakeman, Gardening, Education & Coordination

And all the people who have supported our efforts
in so many ways.

Poco A Poco we make a difference.


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