Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sculpture Garden/Jardin de la Escultura @ La Cochera Cultural

My friends Corina Lunita (Jeweler) y Rigoberto Navarro (Stone Sculptor) produced our event

Sculpture Garden - Jardin de la Escultura @ La Cochera Cultural, Sunday Sept. 23, 2018.

They asked if the event could benefit the Brigada from San Pedro Itzican.  I had told them of the wonderful efforts and work of this youth brigade and so was born our sculpture event.

Setting Up For The event at The Cochera Cultural in Ajijic

3  Sculptors

Rigo's Sculpture Garden

Danny Palma

Javier Malo

 Jose Duran

 Isidro Xilotl

Taking A Break

Anita Torres Guerrero, Director and Coordinator of the Brigadistas from San Pedro Itzican 
(2000 youth strong) brought a group of Brigadistas to help at the event 
and act as ambassadors for the day. 

Maestro Antonio Lopez Vega

Daniel mans the beverage booth

The Boyz

Xochitl helps at the door

Los Brigadistas

Noel Gonzalez

As the afternoon progressed guests started to arrive.

Our dear friends Monica y Axel, traditional dance teachers, led us in an opening circle ritual
in preparation for the group's traditional dance.

Laura y Alonzo at the sales table.  

Sales were brisk at the Women of Mezcala's jewelry and knitting products table. 

Maestro Antonio y Jennifer of La Cochera Cultural catch up.

 Isidro explains his process.

Santiago Baeza

 We had invited our dear friend and music teacher Yanin Saavedra to perform at the event.
She brought with her friends and created a song circle.

The afternoon progressed beautifully.

And at the end of a long but enjoyable day, Anita loaded up the truck for the trip back to
San Pedro Itzican.

We'd like to thank the following for their caring support and participation:

Jennifer Stanley and Thom Weeks of The Cochera Cultural, Ajijic
Rigoberto Navarro y Corina Lunita
Yanin Saavedra and her magical group of friends
Monica y Axel
All the artists and their wonderful work
The Brigadistas of San Pedro Itzican
Anita Torres Guerrero

And particularly all the people who visited and supported our local artists.

It takes a village.

Photos courtesy of Corina Lunita, Cathy Chalvignac y Fco. Nava


  1. Very nice photos Francisco. Sorry I missed it.

  2. Hola Sam...sorry for the delay. Hope all is well with you. Gracias.