Tuesday, September 11, 2018

*********** Traditional Dance Class in San Pedro Itzican ***********

San Pedro Itzican

Traditional Dance in San Pedro Itzican

This week our usual Monday trips to San Pedro Itzican, La Cuesta and La Pena brought some new friends:  Liz Searles, Fern Halyard and Patricia Moran.

I had come to meet the instructors of our new Traditional Dance Workshop, 
Monica and her husband Axel.

This was to be their 3rd class of traditional/pre-hispanic dance for the people of San Pedro Itzican.

 Explaining the significance of ritual objects and their use

  Practicing songs in Nahuatl

Opening Circle - 4 Directions


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 Jewelry and Knitting Programs
Sales Table at the 2018 Festival De Globos

This year we were allowed to have a sales table for our Jewelry and Knitting program
products at the 2018 Regatta de Globos in Ajijic

The Brigadistas arrived in style, accompanied by the Mayor himself,
and the Bomberos of the State of Jalisco.

The Mayor arriving at the Globos event

Our sales crew led by Kari Higgins

In La Cuesta we delivered a beautifully custom made jewelry cabinet 
by Peter Wakeman.  Thank you Dave for the delivery.

La Cuesta Knitting Project

At our San Pedro Itzican home office Rodrigo from Innovations Salon in Ajijic
held his weekly Hair and Make-Up class.

And to our delighted surprise we had a visit from our dear friend Jorge.

Rodrigo in action

Jorge is back!

The San Pedro Itzican home office is used for learning, eating, sharing, meeting...
pretty much as a drop-in space for any child or adult from the community.

The San Pedro Itzican home office Vivero is providing a learning garden, food 
and medicinal plants for the community.

Waiting for our ride home

We'd like to thank Liz Searles, Fern Halyard and Patricia Moran for their visit.
Dave Pike for his help with our cabinet delivery
Traditional dance instructors Monica y Axel
Rodrigo from Innovations Salon, Ajijic
Kari Higgins, Doris & Peter Wakeman
The good people of San Pedro Itzican and the surrounding towns

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