Sunday, January 13, 2019

-----------First Saturday Work Day in " Vivero La Esperanza" -----------------------------(San Juan Tecomatlan de Los Chiles)------------

San Juan Tecomatlan de Los Chiles Verdes

Lot Cleared

The town of San Juan Tecomatlán is located in the Municipality of Poncitlán (in the State of Jalisco). There are 1950 inhabitants. San Juan Tecomatlán is 1534 meters above sea level.

The distance from Ajijic to San Juan Teco is 20.9 kms.  It is located east of Chapala, 
on the road to Mezcala, just after the Vista Del Lago golf club/fraccionamiento.

We were fortunate to be allowed to create a nursery/vivero in the town, for the benefit 
of this and surrounding communities.

Our vision is to have a nursery where we can grow from seed organic plants to feed our
communities, grow enough plants to have a surplus to sell for a profit to cover the working costs of the nursery,

to have a place where we can hold gardening classes, a place where volunteers
can come to work, learn and help,

and a place for reunions and meetings.

On the drive from Chapala to San Juan Tecomatlan, I stopped at a yard sale hosted by
my friends Julie an Wayne in Vista Del Lago.  They had put a "shout out" for plastic
grocery bags, as they use them in their sales and had run out.  I took my entire stock
from home and delivered them.

Catalina and Brigadistas Sewing Shade Cloth

While there I spotted a clump of shade cloth for sale and scooped up the lot for $100 p

We had just had 2 metal structures created for shade areas and the cloth was enough to
cover one of the structures.

The women and children of the town started to arrive and soon were helping sort, place and sew
our shade cloth.

 Found stone planter

Our vivero is a collaborative effort of Brigadistas, volunteers, towns people.

As the sun ascended higher in the sky, we settled down to start seed germination class.

It seemed every one wanted to get involved.

I had brought a bag of donated heirloom seeds for us to work with.

We worked through the early afternoon.  Soon it was time for comida and we disbanded.

San Juan Teco Garden Crew

We are starting from scratch and are in need of donated items.
If you have any of the following, please contact us and we would be glad
to pick them up.

We Need

Ø Volunteers to drive people to and fro from the nursery and volunteers to work at the nursery.

Ø Teachers to assist in basic, ecological gardening techniques and maintenance.

o Raised bed planters, exterior benches and chairs, exterior tables, drop clothes

o Tools: carpentry tools such as hammers, saws, clamps, nails, etc.

o Garden Tools such as shovels, rakes, pix axes, koas, etc.

o Ladders both short and tall,

o Watering cans

o Tubs

o Wheel barrels,

o Shade cloth (5 m x 5 m)

Ø Donaciones of $ to purchase what we will not have donated.

Please watch us grow.

We are planning a Garden Open House

in about a month, so stay tuned!

Ajijic's attempt at street cleaning.

A little faith goes a long way!

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