Monday, January 28, 2019

+++++Optimal Moments Of Learning - Vivero La Esperanza+++++

On Saturday at 11 a.m. we gathered to continue work on the new nursery.  When we arrived in San Juan Tecomatlan, the Brigadistas had already started on a sign for the vivero/nursery.  Little did they know that we, Poco A Poco, had also done work towards this end.

Soon we'll have a working sign and logo for our nursery.

In the meantime, Douglas Miller set to work on preparing the planting bed.

This afternoon, the Brigadistas seemed distracted.

I realized that we were setting them off on a task and then pulling them away from said task when we had announcements or wanted to give a lesson on a specific topic.

Instead I focused on learning moments as we went through our work afternoon, taking advantage of something the Brigadistas saw or did to spring board into a lesson.

Also, our dedicated Mom volunteer, Donia Catalina continued sewing our shade cloth ceiling into 

Last week Doug and Alonza discussed Bonzai.  Alonzo has a special interest in this topic and Doug brought him books to borrow.  I have a feeling we'll be creating and offering Bonzai at our nursery.

Alonzo reading up on his favorite topic....Bonzai!

Every project needs a mascote.  We have two!  Mother and daughter team, Perica and Abeja.

Daughter Abeja (left) and Mother Perica (right)

Anita also had gifts for the Brigadistas that day.  The Mayor had donated blankets to the youth and their families.  This being a cold winter, the blankets were well received.  One for each Brigadista and one for their mothers.

 Boyz With Blankets

Grateful Group

After many distractions, the Brigadistas got down to work.  Our planting bed continues.

And our identity and pride in our project and our community grows.

Thank you to all those who help make our projects possible.  And a special Gracias to Brad Mowers for his consul on our permacultural design and very sage sustainable garden suggestions.

Our Wish List:

If you have any of the following you would like to get rid of we'll gladly collect these items,
needed at the nursery/vivero:

Cardboard/Newspaper - maybe old Guad. Reporters?

 Shipping paper?

Banana leaves (4 composting)

Water can 

Plastic sheets or tarp


5 gal. buckets 

Bins or tubs

Water jugs - so we can bring water from the presa to water the plants.

Here’s one for you …a metal door to fit a 28” W x 79” H opening, so we can lock the tools
up instead of hauling them back and forth.

 A thermos type water bottle so they can have water while they work and not use so many plastic cups.  Maybe you have one or two that you don’t use anymore?  Preferably not plastic that might crack.

And any other gardening tools you aren’t using or construction tools (hammer, wire cutter,
screwdriver etc)

The kids are growing vegetables from seed, but any cuttings of anything, would also be appreciated. 

Or pretty pots we could plant and sell to raise money.

We meet on Saturday at 11 AM if you are curious and want to stop by.

Thanks so much for your consideration!

 Feel free to pass our wish list on to anyone that might be able to help.

Alonzo y Eduardo

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