Monday, May 6, 2019

---------------- Good Soil....Is There Anything Better? -----------------

Todays' surprise was a delivery of good soil and compost from our friends

Rebecca and Cristobal Cruz Contreras of Riberas De La Pilar.

Since our lot was landfill, we needed this topsoil mixture to maximize the
growth and health of our plants.

Everyone pitched in to help unload.

Meanwhile our volunteers got right to weeding.

Beauty in the garden.

With ample soil and compost it felt as if mana were falling from heaven.

New planting beds were made.

Finished bed ready for planting

We also got right to planting in pots, from the generous donation
of cuttings that Margaret and Brian Quinn gave us from their lovely garden.

Preparing Malvas (Geraniums) 

The boys really enjoyed mixing good soil and compost.

As we potted we spoke of how to prepare the cuttings for the soil and spoke of the 
importance of composting as well.

Our inventory was growing quickly.


Another good day of work in the vivero/nursery.

We'd like to thank Margaret and Brian Quinn for their donation of plants,
Rebecca and Cristobal Cruz Contreras for their wonderful soil and compost,
The Lake Chapala Garden Club for their continued support,
And all our volunteers who come out regularly to help.

We are in the vivero/nursery every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Come by and visit when you can.

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