Sunday, May 26, 2019

++++++++++++ A Lending LIbrary and Horse Manure +++++++++

Fotos:  Tiger Griffin, Fco. Nava

Things keep growing and evolving at Vivero La Esperanza.

This Saturday we started with a class from our constant volunteer Mino on how to use lentil sprouts as a natural growing medium for our plants.

Our friend and volunteer Barb managed our Lending Library of books.  The children were to choose
a book to take home to read, returning it the following Saturday.

The youth thought it a brilliant idea...the hard part was having to make a choice.

New friends Steve Noll and Tiger Griffin visited us for the first time at the Vivero.

Mino, Felipe and Paula tended to out compost pile....things are heating up!

Brigadista Leader Anita Torres Guerrero arrived a short time later to give us an update
on the work the Brigadista youth are doing in the surrounding pueblos.

Our plant inventory area needed attention so Anita and the Brigadistas got right to work.

Much better!

One of our goals this Saturday was to collect aged/dried horse manure to use in the Vivero.

Brad Mowers and his crew of Job and Carlos Alfredo jumped onto Steve and Tiger's truck
and away they went.  They collected 14 costales of horse manure.

Steve Scooping 


A surprise visit from the Mayor, Sr. J. Trinidad Lopez Rivas, the founder of the Brigada Estatal program, delighted us all.  It is always helpful to have the Mayor at any of our gatherings.  Today was no exception.  We discussed the various programs under the Brigada Estatal umbrella,
Vivero La Esperanza being just one of many.

Brad's melon seedlings are doing well.

Another surprise was a gift package of seeds from our dear friend Jack West.
Thanks Jack, we already started using the seeds.

Anita was able to pick up a donation of fine linens from a hotel in Guadalajara
and distributed some to the people of San Juan Tecomatlan.

Our seedlings needed transplanting.

 Squash has arrived.

La Sra. Marielena, who is our garden godmother, opened her abarrotes doors to 
the most dedicated of our little garden helpers.

Gracias Sra. Marielena.

and thanks to our constant garden volunteer committee members, 

Mino y Felipe
Barb and Paula

Gracias to our new friends Tiger Griffin and Steve Noll, for the scoop.

and all the people who support our project to help
make our world a better place,
Poco A Poco.

I'm sure we will have many surprises next week.  Come join us in the garden!

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