Sunday, June 2, 2019

It's Raining Cabbages!____________ First Rain of 2019

The first unofficial rain of the season arrived on June 1st, 2019 and our cabbages took notice.

It was time to harvest and Lilliana was the first to bounce into the cabbage patch.

The rains had watered our crops nicely, although the Brigadistas tried to take credit for the 
generously watered beds...I knew better.

 While I met with the youth and organized our day, Brad surveyed the garden beds.

I told all the kids to go to Maestro Brad...he was going to teach us how to properly
harvest cabbage...the kids ran to the beds and so began our instruction.

Maestro Brad informed the kids that all the parts of a cabbage are edible, even the outer leaves.  There were skeptical stares in the garden at this point.

Meanwhile, in our compost pile, Felipe and Mino were turning and turning 
the ingredients of a lovely compost recipe....heat sprang from the pile and
many insects were present...all good signs of proper composting.

Likety split, the Brigadistas got the hang of the harvest
and soon all had cabbages in hand.

Pepinos growing nicely

And so was our kale....also time to harvest this lovely plant

Each Brigadista took home a cabbage to prepare and eat.

Erika, Ruth and Lilliana got busy potting our seedlings.

Our harvest this day:

Beet Greens

Not a bad harvest for a budding garden.

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