Sunday, July 21, 2019

++++++++++ 2 Steps Forward ++ and One Step Back +++++++++

This week at the Vivero La Esperanza has been a trying week.  We discovered that someone has been entering the Vivero and haphazardly cutting our plants.  In addition, we discovered our logo lona missing.  A stray horse found its way into the Vivero and ate a few plants.  A few mischievous children have been trampling my maiz plants.  This along with the wicked winds during the rain storms has dropped our spirits a few notches.

But just as we do every week with our shade cloth cover, we pick up the pieces and move forward.  The rains have started in San Juan Tecomatlan and the kids in the garden have switched from watering duty to weeding duty...the growth of plants is amazing once the constant rains begin.

Our Maestra Mino talked about the Keyhole Garden and its needs and benefits....we added compostable food scraps to the center to start the compost process.

As we walked the very clayey and muddy garden we spoke of reasons for development (or lack of) of our produce and what would be needed now in the rainy season to continue our harvesting.

Little by little we harvested as we walked and soon had a bounty!

Jayden was very happy with his eggplant.

Our Musk Melon was ready for harvest as well.

Mino took the reins for distribution of our food harvest.  Everyone took home a piece of the Vivero.

I also had prepared a special treat....Vivero Harvest Soup, from the produce of the garden...
I think it was a hit, as it disappeared quickly.

Anita Torres Guerrero paid us a visit and asked for a cabbage.

Other visitors today were Karen Rowell, Treasurer of the Lake Chapala Garden Club (LCGC).  Karen arrived and gave us a donation from of the Lake Chapala Garden Club.  The LCGC have been one of the main supporters of this project.  Thank you Karen and all the LCGC!

Visitors Faye and Richard also purchased Kale and Swiss Chard from the garden.

We also were given donations of a bag of yarn and extra fabric, along with some 
bigger plastic pots from Marilyn Primm.  Thank you Marilyn.

The Universal Unitarian Church also gave us a donation.  Our friend Joan Ward has been coordinating this effort...thank you Joan.

And a special Gracias goes out to our steadfast volunteers, the people of San Juan Tecomatlan
and the others who support and fuel this project.

We could not do this without your efforts.