Sunday, August 4, 2019

++++++++++++++++++Germinations and Water++++++++++++++++


At Vivero La Esperanza we've moved quickly into Phase II....focusing on germination,
growth, nurturing and harvesting of food plants.  Today our lesson and goal was to prepare, plant and  learn the finer points of plant starts.

The children had prepared the starter pots, courtesy of Laura's Garden Center in Riberas Del Pilar.  Laura has been a stalwart steward and sponsor of our Vivero....Gracias Laura!

Wrangling 13 youngsters to pay attention and work coordinately was a challenge.  
But they were interested so they paid attention and worked beautifully together.

Materials were laid out...patience as well.

Seeds were carefully selected and planted.  Pots were marked with
the name of the plant (and in some cases with the names of the child planter as well).

Soon the pots were planted, labeled and placed on the germination tables,
ready to be constantly watered, watched and nurtured. 

Our ornamental plant inventory was also reorganized into plant categories.

Meanwhile in the garden things were also growing.  The youngsters had created signs for
the different plants growing, to help visitors identify the food plants.

Calabazas (squash)

 Chicharos (peas)

 Happy Acelga (swiss chard)

Happy Berenjena (eggplant)

 Jitomates (tomatoes)

As attention spans are short for young people, we brought out the Reading/Lending library and
the kids were able to read while waiting for the next step in the process.
Thank you Barb for the great books!

 Zucchini (squash)

Zanahorias (carrots)

As an incentive to water and especially weed the Vivero, the kids were given Vales or coupons that can be redeemed at a local store.  This week the children chose Gina's store, because she stocks utiles or school supplies.  The kids wanted to redeem their coupons at Gina's in preparation
for the new school year to start soon.

We were surprised to hear that the lot next door was installed with water and a spigot.  Now we do not have to ask for water from neighbors nor dredge water from the well.

Even in this "rainy" season we have not had very much water.  The town of San Juan Tecomatlan can go days without rain, so this water on site is a blessing.

In San Pedro Itzican, our Brigadista Leader, Anita Torres Guerrero had to buy a Pipa or truckload of water for the Brigadista office and her home there as there was no running water for 3 days.

So let us count our blessing with the family, love and resources we have.

And for all the other wanted necessities, we can count on our community family to assist.

Here's to being part of our wonderful community!

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