Sunday, August 11, 2019

++++++++++++++++++++ Playing At Work +++++++++++++++++++

Prepping Pots for Seed Germination

Sometimes, as adults, we forget to play.

The young Brigadistas at Vivero La Esperanza are hard workers.  Our Maestra Mino declared just this when she and her husband Felipe arrived at the nursery on Saturday morning.

Our germination tables were organized and full with budding food plants.  Our ornamental plants had been moved and organized as well.

We quickly set out to do a "walk about" of the garden to identify the work needed that day, to see how our plants were growing, to identify problems or plaga and discuss how to meet these challenges organically....head on.

Our amazing volunteer Barb Reinhart brought her laptop and mobile modem to show the kids a short, educational video on plastic six-pack can holders and their effect on our environment.  The kids were attentive and interested.  I asked them how many of their family members use these plastic six-pack can holders and almost all raised their hands.  We showed them the harm they can do to animal life.  We also showed them a simple solution...cut up the plastic pieces and recycle them instead of throwing them in the trash.  All the kids vowed to do just that.

Maestra Mino also showed the youth the proper method of thinning bulging tomato plants and that the cuttings may take root if planted properly, propagating more plants.

Then it was time to harvest.  This week our bounty was fresh basil, eggplant, swiss chard, carrots.

I also introduced the youth to Teslaman, superhero of our environment.  My new friend Jorge A. Santana just published the first issue in the series and generously autographed my copy.

We will be reading a chapter every week at the Vivero.

Meanwhile the work (play) continued.

When I asked the kids to collect our donated plastic pots to store them, they made a game of seeing who could stack them the highest...after much laughter and giggles, our work was done for the week.

See us in the vivero in San Juan Tecomatlan De Los Chiles Verdes.

We are there every Sat. from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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