Thursday, February 27, 2020

Vivero Viviente

As is usual, we start our Saturday morning Vivero sessions with a meeting to organize our work day.

Weekly Watering Schedule Review

We start with picking up a week's worth of trash from inside and in front of the Vivero.  I'm happy to report that each week there seems to be less trash to pick up, a good sign that people are respecting the Vivero a bit more.

We are focusing on potting cutting donations in preparation for our April 25th Plant Sale.

Maintenance and organization are key to being able to work effectively.
Today we decided to clean out and reorganize our storage areas.

One of the many pleasures of being part of the Vivero crew is working with wonderful in point new volunteer Elaine Robinson.

Our anti-gallina structures have proved to be a great success, so Dr. Lalo and the 
Brigadistas continue to produce as many as possible.

Our scientist, Felipe brought his Weed-O to help speed up weeding.

And Priscilla is now bringing coffee ground donations from Dharma Cafe for our compost pile.

When we opened the container we found a slime mould, not a fungus at all but a type of amoeba that feeds on the bacteria growing on rotten wood or mulches that have not been completely composted. Slime moulds may form yellow, pink, or orange colored patches on mulch. These last for a day or two, then turn brown and dry up. Although unsightly they are not harmful."

We found another surprise when we lifted the tarp to the compost pile.  One of our resident gallinas had created a nest and laid 6 beautiful light Tiffany blue eggs.  So as not to encourage chickens in our garden, we took the eggs home.

Julianna's garden has been kissed by the temperature change and is growing quickly.
So much so, that she has had to transplant plantulas to a new bed.

The Keyhole Garden continues to evolve.  Design challenges are met with experimental attempts, sometimes needing redoing....we'll get there!

And we'd like to give a shout out to Allan MacGregor and Barbara Hildt for their recent donation, which allowed us to purchase much needed compost/soil for our fervent potting efforts.
Muchas Gracias!

At the end of the day our efforts help feed the community.

In San Pedro Itzican and San Juan Tecomatlan we also hold English Classes on Sundays.

Our wood burning oven is churning out delicious pizzas now.  We can't keep them in stock...
they fly out of the oven and are purchased as soon as they are made.

We also hold primary education classes (basic reading, writing and math) for the townsfolk
who have not gone to school.  This is an amazing opportunity to get your primary school education certification.

And lastly, I saw a vision of my ideal vehicle in Ajijic...someday I'll have one just like it.

A continued thanks to all the angels who help make our efforts possible.

I feel Spring in the air.

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