Wednesday, February 12, 2020

+++++ Allot Is Going On At Poco A Poco San Pedro Itzican +++++

San Pedro Itzican

Brigada Office Facade

Our Brigada office received a new fact lift.  We had all our logos and identifying
info painted on the facade by a local artists.

Office Garden Plantulas

Anita's office garden grows and grows.  The cuttings/starter plant program is generating
plants and income toward general funds for all the programs.  
All the work is done by the local townsfolk.

Paty Weaving Palm Chair

Paty, originally from Nayarit state,  will be taking over the Medical Office coordination soon.  She also showed us her skills at palm weaving.  The idea is to have the chairs woven
for use and sale in the town. 

Jewelry Class

Doris Wakeman continues teaching the local women's jewelry cooperative
new techniques and skills.
Literacy Class

We saw a need for basic literary skills (reading and writing) in Spanish in the town
and responded with the creation a our Literacy Class.  Maestro Fernando Baltazar, is our teacher and teaches twice a week.  He comes from Poncitl√°n. His plan is a one-year program and he will be able to give the students their primary school certificates upon class completion.

Knitting Class

Kari Higgins, along with volunteer Elaine Robinson, continued our knitting classes.

Knitty Kitty

Anita fell in love with one of the knitted products.

Food Despensa Pantry

Our food program, FoodShare, continues to provide sustenance to many families in the area, 
as well as to the families of renal patients.  As this is an immediate need, funds and dontions
of foodstuffs are always welcome.

Appreciation/Thank You Card

The youth of the town decided to acknowledge our efforts and created Thank You
cards...Doris was the first recipient.

Harvesting Bamboo

Bamboo Boys

Our Vivero La Esperanza, in San Juan Tecomatlan, is creating "anti-gallina" structures made of bamboo, so we go a-harvesting when we need the material.  Thank you to Doris and Peter Wakeman for allowing us to harvest on their property.

Vivero La Esperanza
(San Juan Tecomatlan)

Metal Structure/Hot House

In preparation for a major donation of Bromeliads we resurrected the repaired
2nd metal structure to be used as a temporary hot house, in preparation for our next 
Plant Sale in April, 2020

Jimmie's Bromeliads

Our dear friend, Jimmie Prather donated close to 200 bromeliad plants to our Vivero
to support our efforts.  Gracias Jimmie!

Structure Up

Anti-Gallina Bamboo Structures

We resolved our "stray horse in the garden" issue and now work to resolve our gallina intrusions
by creating bamboo structures to protect our seedings and plantulas.

Dr. Lalo also took the opportunity to teach the youth a bit of geometry
and math in resolving size and design issues.

From concept to creation, the team of "Hormigitas" worked beautifully together.

We also found that the local chickens liked our garden so much that they made a nest and laid eggs in the Vivero.  To discourage their proliferation, we took the eggs home....they were yummy!


Everything gets used in the Vivero.   Gracias Maestro Brad for the jade plant
cuttings.  They were turned into potted plants settling in for the plant sale.

Jimmie's bromeliad cuttings and plants were potted as well.

As watering is key to a successful garden, we update our watering schedule 
for February and March.


We saw evidence of horse droppings (again!) and figured out where the wayward
equine was getting into our a makeshift solution (door) was made and is working
well to keep our grazer out.


The kids also wanted to thank Jimmie for her generous donation of plants.

Carlos Alfredo got right to work.

It is through kind and generous donations that our efforts and garden thrive.

Thank you to all our steadfast supporters.

See you at our plant sale on April 25th, 2020
in Riberas Del Pilar.

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