Friday, May 29, 2020

++++++++++++++Esperanza (Hope) Springs Eternal ++++++++++++

Cycles, circles...given enough time everything comes round right.

Annual Lake Grasses

Annual grasses return each year to our lake, as do the very fertile Lirio plants.

Thursday, as we arrived for our stealth watering session at Vivero La Esperanza, a surprise awaited us.  Emily Ruth and her brother Jobe surprised us with a visit.  I think it was preordained because
they brought with them their Gazanga, or hand sickle and were ready to clear some weeds!

Brad's cotton trees were growing nicely, albeit a little slower than if they had had more than weekly watering

After a warm, non-physical greeting we all set to work, distancing ourselves from each other.

Without any prompting, Emily Ruth got to potting plants right away.


Jobe started clearing the entry area of weeds with his hand sickle.

Another old friend also came to visit...Brad's pal.  We don't know his name but he has been visiting the Vivero since he was a wee pup...we were all happy to see him and decided to name him Chacho, short for muchacho.

Work is play is work.

After our chores were done, the kids went through our reading library and took books
of interest for themselves and their younger sibs.

My soul and gut tell me that as spring turns to summer and
we go through the machinations of this new world (virus) order
our Vivero will also come back to life.

For now, the seeds we have planted, both literally and figuratively,
will continue to grow and blossom and bear fruit.

Gracias to all our volunteers and supporters.

Be well and stay safe.

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