Friday, July 10, 2020

++++++++++++ Viveroing In The Time Of Covid-19 ++++++++++

As most of you know Brad and I have been visiting the Vivero La Esperanza in San Juan Tecomatlan de los Chiles Verdes since March 2020, once a week in late evenings, taking a van load of water in garafones to water the existent plants.

One of the new plant additions to the vivero is that of white, brown and green cotton trees.

Brad's Cotton Trees

During the spring I noticed house sparrows taking strands of Brad's cotton bolls in their beaks
to their nests, preparing the nurseries for the babies.

One amazing find was a hummingbird's nest made entirely of cotton fiber. 
It is a marvel to behold, truly a master weaver's work.

This week, in addition to water (just in case the rains had not reached San Juan Tecomatlan) we brought out Brad's new tool rack for the vivero bodega.  He custom made the rack to fit inside
the family the transport was effortless.

Brad worked his magic and lickity split the bodega was organized.

With our rainy season now officially started I decided to clear a small bed
and plant pumpkins, squash, cilantro, basil, watermelon, radishes.

True to his name and nature, Brad "Mulch" Mowers started mulching.
We finished our planting bed prep just as the raindrops began to fall.

 Our germination table plants have been growing nicely, and now with the rain
they will be even happier.

I've also been isolating and cooking quite a lot at home and was inspired 
by the garden/vivero to make a 

Phyllo Mediterranean Veggie Pizza 

It was a welcome treat.

May we be able to see light, even in the darkest of times.

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  1. Lovely to see the progress and your wonderful commitment to this project. Thank you both so much!