Wednesday, August 5, 2020

+++++++++++ Huerto Coxala en San Juan Cosala ++++++++++++

Huerto Coxala

Our planting field is starting to take shape.

We're seeing growth of beans and broccoli.

Every week we are clearing more land and planting more seed.

Sweet Peas are making their appearance.

And our seed stock is growing, thanks to the generosity of friends like
Brad 'Mulch" Mowers, who donated more heirloom seeds to the huerto.

Gracias Brad!

Irma's corn was ready to harvest, so we helped ourselves to some ears.

And decided to have a corn roast!

Fco. teaching

A wood fire was started in an old wheelbarrow and next thing you know.
corn was "a cookin'".

We also took on a huerto mascot....Soruya.

She also enjoyed a few ears of corn.

Irma's garden is growing quickly now with the rains, 
as is the entire Huerto Coxala.

Planting Seeds of Change, Creating Change.

Watch us grow!

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