Thursday, July 30, 2020

+++++ 3rd Week - ChangeMakers' Huerto in San Juan Cosala +++++

We continue preparing the soil of our new planting area.

And we continue to plant seeds.

As well as 'plantulas' or starter plants.  Axel and Monica brought some of their
tomato plantulas to add to the garden.

Bradley "Mulch" Mowers donated 4 green cotton trees and Antonio set
to planting and staking these.

My friend Jeanne started black zapote trees from seed 
and we brought a few for the huerto.

Rocio from Huerto Cafe gave us a beautiful Jamaica plant.

Irma's Garden is now providing chiles,


and corn

as well as lovely stripped squash.

My friend Priscilla Taylor from Northern California had the bright idea to donate
some used blinds, which we are repurposing
for plant signage in the huerto.

We have also planted corn in a small area of the huerto.

Everyone seems happy with our efforts.

Pineapple is also in the garden now.

Propietario Francisco and Monica harvesting corn.

My take away harvest....a lovely gift for our table.

Stay turned....and watch us grow!

ChangeMakers Huerto in San Juan Cosala

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