Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Huerto Coxalan Update

In Huerto Coxalan there always seems to be new life.  Today we met our latest addition, Zahara.
She is Dario's new puppy, who we nicknamed Kali, because she seems to enjoy destroying
her environment with her romping and mischievous ways.

Our watermelon plants have grown considerably since last week...

and the kids are especially thrilled with the progress.

Tomatoes are growing big and strong.

Squash is beautiful and about to flower.

With our corn we will grow beans and squash
as the 3 sisters method dictates.

Peas have started to flower as well.

Kale is keeping up with the rest of the plants.

Our garden hostess, Irma in quiet meditation.

We are also working on some ideas for a garden/huerto logo.
Here is one of them in progress.

I took ejotes/green beans home and made vegetable tempura
and also added some to my gumbo/jambalaya soup.

Broccoli florets and heads are ready to eat as well.

Beautiful basil.

All in all we are happy with the rains and with our huerto.

This Sunday we are having a Tekio, or community work party at Huerto Coxalan.
We will be constructing the framework and roof for our dry compost toilet.

Come by and see what we are up to.

See you in the garden/huerto.


  1. This garden is developing so much more quickly than I anticipated, thanks to Fco. It all looks wonderful. Thanks to everyone who is helping make this a community garden as well as a Creando Cambios project.

    1. The comment above was from me. I missed the "Comment as" part.