Monday, July 2, 2012

Musica Y Mas En Mexico

Capilla, Ajijic Mexico

Music is freely distributed in our small town...and is usually available to the masses.  Case in point...a free classical guitar concert by maestro Robert Wetzel from San Diego, CA. in our lovely Capilla in Ajijic.

Robert Wetzel, Classical Guitar Concert

1st Plot

A typical day here can involve almost we started the day with a little work on our garden/farm plot...digging the first few metros of land, planting small starter plants of squash and pepinos, as well as maiz, beet, cilantro and watermelon seeds.

Workin' Hard

Fiesta En Tlaquepaque

Our next stop was a return trip to Tlaquepaque, which was having its annual Fiestas Patronales.  We collected our dear friend Charis and headed to town.


One of the old haciendas, of historic note, was open to the public for a fiesta celebrating the founding of the city of Tlaquepaque.  We were warmly invited in to help celebrate.

Comida en El Albajenio

As is usally the case,  we were hungry and after excellent artesania shopping darted ino El Albajenio, one of the oldest eateries in Tlaquepaque for an authentic Mexican comida, complete with Mariachi musica.

Strollin' Minstrels


I believe we are currently in search of the best Flan in Mexico...and this sample ranked right up there with the best, as can be seen on Brad's pleased expression.  This particular flan was covered in cajeta and walnuts...yum!

Tlaque Street Art

As always, artists have free reign in this kingdom and their work can be seen everywhere, especially in their street art.




July 1st was election day in Mexico and I was anxious to cast my vote!  This would be the first time I would be voting in Mexico.  I arrived early at the Central Camionera...8 a.m. and was one of the first 40 people in line.  At 10:30 a.m. I finally cast my vote.  There were initial problems with the computer, with the federal group interacting with the state group collaborting with the municipal group of representatives.


We did it...everyone's patience was impressive.  People could have easily turned away, but they didn't.  Voting is an important part of their lives.

Election Day at the Central

A special voting location was setup for people from outside the Chapala we Guadalajara registered folk didn't have to drive out of town to cast our vote.

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