Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book Making

Whether it was a lesson learned early on from my dear father, Javier or learning somehow bestowed upon me by one of my teachers, I have always loved books and consider myself a bibliophile.

One of my greatest delights is to visit our local favorite second hand stores in the area, looking for old tomes to discover.  And if we are fortunate, we leave with a pile of 'new-for-us' printed work under our arms and the anticipation of settling in, cracking open a new book and reading the first sentence. Truly, is there anything more wonderful than this?

The Bookworm, 1850, by Carl Spitzweg

Even with this love for books, I never ventured forth to consider that I could make a book myself.  I read books, collect books, am even in the middle of writing a couple....but make a book myself?

As often happens here in Ajijic, information wafts through our lives in curious ways.   I received an email from my friend Jennifer stating that a mutual artist friend invited her to an event that afternoon having to do with books.  I was slated to attend a mariachi festival that same afternoon and decided to pass by the book event, just to take a gander at what was going on.  What I found was a workshop in making your own recycled material books.

Students work in the Centro Cultural in Ajijic Plaza

Drilling holes for book binding

Binding the book was much easier than first thought

 Maestro Antonio Lopez Vega learns along with the rest of us

Different book bindings, sizes, materials were considered

Samples of some of the books made

My constructed book, made from recycled cardboard, paper, string and packing tape

I arrived a bit after the start of the workshop, but was captivated by all the activity...and decided to stay.

Needless to say, I never made it to the mariachi festival, but now have a handmade book to show for my time and effort.  And the knowledge to make more if so ever I choose.

Sometimes our lives need to flow like leaves on the wind in order for us to arrive where we should be.

The workshop was directed by:

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  1. How fabulous! You really know how to go towards new paths and open doors to an ever greater future. I'm inspired.