Sunday, December 3, 2017

Artisanal, Hand Made, Paper Making Training Workshop for San Pedro Itzican in Chapala Jalisco, Mexico - Taller de Papel Artesanal, Hecho A Mano para San Pedro Itzican en Chapala Jalisco, Mexico

Jorge's Paper

Our Maestro of artisanal, handmade paper...Brad "Mulch" Mowers" opened his studio and home to the volunteers of the Brigadistas and Poco A Poco San Pedro Itzican on a bright, sunny, brisk Saturday morning.

Firstly we'd like to thank Brad for his generous gift of handmade craft expertease and the time and attention he gave to us at this training session.  Gracias Maestro Brad.

Maestro Brad first toured Kari, Doris and Jorge through his studio to see some of the paper
and products that have been produced throughout Brad's artistic career.

Books, cards, ornaments, and paper samples were exhibited.

Boxes and materials were displayed.

Brad also happens to be a Master Weaver and he shared some of his fiber stock with the group.

The work area was carefully prepared for our workshop

Natural materials were gathered to be used in the paper making session. 

 Brad is also working on paper lantern prototypes that will use his handmade artisanal paper.

More examples of beautifully hand painted paper.

Paper galore!

We were anxious to start the process.


Brad explained the beginning steps, materials and their use.

 Utilizing recycled, used paper is the basis of this approach to paper making.

Our students prepared their work areas

 as Brad explained how to blend the water soaked strips of paper to make a pulp.

  Once the pulp reaches the correct consistency, natural elements are added 
for color and this case bougainvillea flowers were used.

Jorge was the first to try his hand at this craft.

 Deckles are dipped into the pulp and removed, allowing the excess water to return to the tub.

 Each piece of paper is unique and beautiful.

 Kari and Doris watched and soon tried their hand at paper making.

 Stirring the pulp at the bottom of the tub is key to making a consistently smooth sheet of paper.

Explaining the lantern making process

  Jorge examens a prototype

 More natural elements are added...banana leaves make for beautiful papers.

Each sheet is placed on a reused piece of cloth. Cotton and natural fiber cloth is preferred.

While our paper sheets dried in the sun, we were invited to 
hand paint a few of Brad's beautiful sheets.

 At the end of the afternoon the paper making process was understood.

Our idea is to share this process with the people of San Pedro Itzican and show them how they can make all the materials for their own production of handmade artisanal paper products  These products could be sold in Mezcala, Chapala and Ajijic...and perhaps throughout the world online.

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