Friday, March 23, 2018

2018 Spring Equinox + International World Water Day Celebration

Days in Ajijic start off slow and easy.

Today we are celebrating the Spring Equinox +

World Water Day, coordinated by UN-Water – the UN’s inter-agency collaboration mechanism for all freshwater related issues – in collaboration with governments and partners.
In 2018, the theme for World Water Day is “Nature for Water”.

 Our friend and spiritual ritual leader Ikal Susana brought several items for our
ritual.  Seed pod rattles

Copal resin

 Incense burners

 Tambores or drums

 Mayan calendar

 Mayan natal cards

At the end of our ritual the class from Insight Academy arrived.
Ikal gave them a special presentation re: our ritual.

We'll see you at the Summer Solstice.

Until then, te deseamos Paz y Amor.

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