Tuesday, March 27, 2018

La Cuesta y San Pedro Itzican Projects Update - March 26, 2018

(Photos by Kari Higgins & Fco. Nava)

Virgin of Sorrows

The week leading up to Easter is always a solemn time.  It is a time of reflection, of going into our deeper selves, leading toward a resurrection of sorts, the start of spring.

Our weekly trips to the San Pedro Itzican area are always eagerly anticipated.  We always look forward to the progress that our 'cottage industry' projects bring.

The knitting workshops, led by Kari Higgins are showing great promise and product.

And as always, we welcome guests who bring their curiosity and support of our projects.  This day we were joined by Margaret, Kathleen, James and Patsy.

Donation Box

Beautiful Shawl

Even our own Xochitl and Anita became students and are enjoying their new found skills.

Then it was off to visit our gardens.  We started with Reye's container garden, to see what had transpired.  We were happy to see that the grow bags, donated by Jan Clayton-Miller were in use.

 Doris, Kathleen and James

Reye's mother played hostess and showed us her new plantings.

Happily updated we headed over to Xochilt's family garden.

The front garden was growing wonderfully...so much so, that Xochitl's mother asked if we might continue the garden into the back of the house.  She said she had a small plant area to use.

The brick raised bed area is in part sun/part shade, so we discussed which plants would do well in the area and agreed to start the new garden next time around.

We will be updating you on the garden's progress.

Off we went to the Brigada Home Office in Mezcala to see their new work.

The Brigadistas are nothing if not resourceful!  They took recent wood donations and made them into a lovely raised bed box.

The recycled plastic bottles became vertical garden macetas (pots),

and wooden drawers became window boxes.

New Product

We were also in Mezcala to speak with the Women of the Jewelry Project.

As always, we were well attended by the untiring Brigadistas.

Laura, Carlos y Jesus (our youngest Brigadista)

 Watch Us Grow!

Tune in next week for more updates.

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