Wednesday, May 16, 2018

"Trees Are People Too", A Presentation for The Lake Chapala Garden Club by Brad Mowers - May 16th, 2018

The Lake Chapala Garden Club (LCGC) has been a friend to our community for many years.

Aside from donating resources to needy projects and causes, they also highlight the area's prominent members at their monthly meetings.  The month of May of 2018 Brad Mowers was asked to present.  He decided to speak on the topic of trees, highlighting recent research on communication amongst trees and plants plus sharing resources between trees and fungi in mature forest ecosystems.

The title of his presentation was "Trees Are People Too".

Brad Mowers at The Nueva Posada

The LCGC meets in the pleasant main patio area of The Nueva Posada Hotel in Ajijic.  Today's meeting was filled to capacity as the members lunched in anticipation of Brad's speech.

Easel and poster at the ready Brad spoke casually and eloquently.  He expressed his passion for trees and explained the new findings. 

Brad's Poster

LCGC Members

The Many Faces of Brad

Brad spoke passionately about his relationship to trees.

He also shared reading material that supported his presentation.

"This was one of the most interesting presentations I've witnessed at the LCGC" was heard after Brad spoke.  "Brilliant...I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and learned so much!" "I wish we had had more time to hear him speak further."

From the member's comments I'd say his speech was a success.

Thank you Brad Mowers for sharing your passion and knowledge.

We'd like to thank Sandy Feldman, Judie Keck. Melanie Wolski  and Rosemary Grayson,
as well as the entire Lake Chapala Garden Club
for their professional coordination and continued support.

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