Monday, June 4, 2018

Community Hospital News for La Zapotera and Surrounding Towns


Days in Mexico never seem to occur as planned...which is not necessarily a bad thing.  Opportunites materialize like thought and empty, ready for you to fill them in.   What you put into the thought bubble is your choice.  This allows the narrative to shape the day as you progress through it.

Today I thought of La Zapotera, of the Jesuit priest who was to bring resources for a local hospital, of the politicos that we were to meet, of the children of the town and their constant hunger, of my friends in La Zapotera and seeing them again.

Harvey  & Don Antonio in Carillo's Shop

We had to make a stop first before arriving in La Zapotera...we needed new tiles for the community center kitchen and Victor Carillo in Poncitlan had offered a discount at his shop, so we took him up on his offer and received 50% off the retail price.

New Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink was in and Don Paco our ironsmith was finishng up the last details on the rooftop awning.

 Don Paco

Boxed Chayotes

The first thing one notices as you enter the town of La Zapotera is that there are chayote vines everywhere, on the sides of the roads, next to the houses, in boxes on the back of a pick up, ready for market. 

We were to meet Mtro. Gabriele Passmonte, a Jesuit priest sent to assist in the construction of a new hospital.  The Passamonte Foundation was handling the new hospital in conjunction with the Municipality of Poncitlan. 

 Maestro Passamonte

Donated Land

The land for the new hospital had been donated by the Ejido in La Zapotera.  The paperwork had finally cleared and we are ready for construction.   Maestro Passamonte brought with him architectural plans for the new hospital...very exciting.
Hospital Plans

Fresh Water Well

Another exciting discovery was a source of fresh water on the land.  A well had been dug and water was now available for use at the hospital...quite a find!

Donated Land

In addition to the architectural plans, Maestro Pasamonte also showed us a rendering of the facade for the new hospital.

Hospital Facade

At The Community Center

We had also heard of a new well that had been opened to bring water into four surrounding towns.  This new well used cool subterranean water instead of hot spring water for use in residences.  This we had to see.

El Mirto Well

We asked about water quality reports, what towns were being serviced by the new well, if the people of these towns were using the water, and if not, why? 

After many inquiries, responses and communication efforts, we were ultimately left with more questions.  So our journey continues to improve quality of life issues in the towns east of Mezcala.

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