Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Queen Is Coming and so is the La Zapotera Community Center

La Zapotera Community Center Update

Maria Carmen y Maria Guadalupe

Our dear friend Harvey just arrived from his travels up north, so of course we headed
to La Zapotera upon his return.

Office/Exam Room

We found the building bright and ready for the finishing touches
before our grand opening.



One of our youngest volunteers

Dinning Room

Hats off to Gerardo and our volunteers for all their work
getting the Center ready. Look for the grand opening soon.


Then we headed to San Pedro Itzican to check on Rodrigo and his beauty/makeup class.

Things were in full swing when we arrived.  Rodrigo was showing the students
how to create a "look" to be worn with a crown.

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 20th, 2018 is the San Pedro Itzican
Fiestas Patronales parade.  This will be the first year that Poco A Poco
will have a presence in the parade, along with the Brigadistas.

Everyone is excitedly preparing for the festivities.

Crowning The Queen

Up Dos

A Gown for a Queen

Anita models a possible gown for the Queen.

Jewelry Selection

Harvey, Gerardo y Doris

And finally my two worlds collided when Harvey and Gerardo met Doris.  It was a perfect
match.  We are all working in the San Pedro Itzican area on separate projects.

If we become familiar with the people working in these towns and with each other's
efforts, we could better coordinate and make more efficient our work.

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