Friday, February 22, 2019

++++++++++++++Cooking Class In La Zapotera+++++++++++

As with most things gastronomic, we start with a clean, beautiful cooking pot or vessel.

In this case, Karen and Harvey Bernier allowed us to use one of their special cooking pots.

The crew at the La Zapotera Community Center kitchen had asked us to help them broaden their culinary repertoire.  Harvey offered to teach them how to make Italian Tomato Sauce...and they loved the idea.

Harvey brought 2 boxes of ripe tomatoes for us to cook with

as well as lovely Bell Peppers, Chayotes and Chiles Poblanos.

The tomatoes were heavenly.

And Harvey was a great teacher.

Cooking Class Kitchen Staff

The vegetables were cleaned and prepped.

Sra. Yoli approves.

In go the garlic and onion to saute.

Prepped veggies get mixed.

The prep crew at wok

When you start with gorgeous cookware, anything is possible.

Simmer, cook and presto....Italian Tomato Sauce!

Fco. with the cooking staff of La Zapotera.

Italian Sauce in Mexican Cookware

As usual, we always have children around this case Eric, who was interested in what we were doing, but shy.  Perhaps Eric will cook at the Cordon Bleu one day?

Thank you to Harvey and Karen Bernier for their constant support of our efforts.

They are our angels.

We'd also like to invite you to a new monthly event....

"Luncheon in La Zapotera"

Come meet the people of La Zapotera, sample their delicious food
and get to know their culture and their Community Center.


  1. Great job Francisco. I am sure they will put us up for an Emmy

    1. Thanks Havey...I'll get my penguin suit pressed, just in case. Always a pleasure!

  2. You GUYS are terrific! Want to fo with you soon!

    1. You are more than welcome. Just let us know when you can join us. Best.