Friday, November 29, 2019

++++++++++++++++++ Animals In The Garden ++++++++++++++++

Today Dr. Lalo brought information and images of one of the animals
in our garden...we started out observing the whole, small animal
and gradually witnessed how the images magnified its features...

Little by little the animal grew and grew...and we discussed
its purpose, function, characteristics and use as it
related to the garden.

Finally the eye was magnified and discussed.

Can you guess which animal we discussed?

Garden Hedge

The older kids started working on clearing and planting a Jade plant hedge.

While the adult volunteers got cracking on the Compost pile

And Garden Beds.

Some of the younger Brigadistas chose to germinate more seeds.

And then segwayed into replanting the Earth Box.

Lulu is one of the most "chill" dogs I've every met.  Even while watching the mother hen
and her 8 chicks, she was so centered.

While our Mustard bed continued to give us harvest 

Our small seed starters were growing nicely, albeit slowly.

Finally, at the end of our work morning, Priscilla gifted our group with a bit of repose;
wonderful German bread, queso Panela and fruit, with a little garden basil...a perfect Almuerzo
after a beautiful morning of gardening.

Gracias to all the generous souls who volunteer their time, 
efforts, resources and love to help make this happen.

Happiest of Holidays.

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