Monday, December 9, 2019

+++++++++++++ Graduations and Milestones +++++++++++++

A very special day for 2 Brigadistas from San Pedro Itzican and the people who support their growth
and advancement.  Dany Damian Ponce Loza and Jose Regino Rivera Solano having completed their 
Preparatoria or High School careers were now to enroll at the Universidad Regional
Chapala Loyola in Ajijic to study Pedagogia to become Teachers.

Dany and Jose start their paperwork

Enrollment was early on a Saturday morning and Anita Torres Guerrero and I were present
to assist with the process.

It's truly awe inspiring how the universe works sometimes.  We met the school director, Sr. Moises Rodriguez, who listened to our introduction and soon was volunteering assistance for the students in the way of tuition discounts.  Sr. Rodriguez explained that the school covered only 30% of their costs via tuition.  They are an independent educational institute that focuses on social work and helping students from needy communities attain their educational goals. 

We definitely were in the right place.

Dany and Jose were given their official campus shirts and were ready to start classes in Jan. 2020. 

As we made our way thru enrollment we ended up at the financial officer's quarters.

We met Sr. Ruben Salazar, who noticed the Brigadista's Proteccion Civil shirts.  Sr. Salazar told us that he had worked as Director of the Bomberos, Proteccion Civil in Jocotepec for many years.  He showed us his badge proudly and told us that he knows how difficult our work is and commended us on it.  
The boys beamed.

Pupilo Program Graduation

The day was just getting started.  This same day Dany was also graduating from the 
Pupilo Program of Chapala.

PUPILO seeks to create a social impact by giving leadership tools with a focus on actions that change the lives of young people.

PUPILO is an innovative non-profit initiative that is constantly growing thanks to the volunteering of entrepreneurs and professionals involved with society.

The room was filled with students, their mentors and supporters.

Anita Torres Guerrero was honored for her work with youth.

My friend Roberto (Beto) Serrano was also honored for his work in the area.

Our own Yanin Saavedra provided beautiful, inspiration music at the event.

Dany and Francisco Diaz Marques, Brigadistas were both part of the program.

Leaders Antonio, Margarita y Juan Carlos

An amazing, inspirational's to many more to come!