Monday, January 6, 2020

+++++++++++++++ Adios 2019....Hello 2020! +++++++++++++++++

Aside from cold weather and a bit of rain, the new year brings with it hope for a greener future.

We recently ran low in our heirloom seed inventory at Vivero La Esperanza and I asked my dear friend Jack if he would consider donating some of his seeds.  Of course Jack said yes and next thing I know I am being gifted this wonderful package of heirloom seeds "tough enough to withstand any coming disasters".

The kids wanted to send a special Gracias to Jack and made thank you cards.

Gracias Jack!

Posada 2019

We had the wonderful idea to hold our holiday posada at the Vivero, inviting the community, family and friends.  At the 11th hour rain visited us and, as any of you who have visited the Vivero after a rain know the place turns into "mudsville".

Zorro loved the attention

Our wonderful friend Barb volunteered and offered her lovely home in Tlachichilco
for the party.

Soon we were gathering at the Vivero to caravan over to Barb's place.

There was food galore!

Everyone contributed...I made my Green Pozole.

Then it was time to sing/ask for posada.  Our singing may have been a bit off key, but the sentiments
were true and right on.

Our core group of volunteers (sans Brad)


The one thing missing from our posada was the Piñata.  Since it had rained at Barb's the previous week, we tabled the piñata to the following Saturday at the Vivero.  Barb's daughter Cydney was visiting from California, so Barb brought her along to help.

Cyd has a mean swing!

A wonderful suggestion was offered to us...that we document our work and harvest numbers in the new year, so Emily Ruth is keeping a weekly journal, documenting our path.

Vivero New Year

The new year also brought with it some challenges, one being the free roaming chickens that visit our garden and feast on our plants.

Emily Ruth helped design an "anti-gallina/chicken" structure to keep out the unwanted

With donated bamboo and mesh cloth, we set to work.

Soon the structure was taking shape.  Everyone worked together.

We almost finished covering the structure with cloth, but ran
out of time.  We'll complete this structure and make another next week.
The second structure is to be covered with chicken wire, then we'll
compare and decide the most effective design.

 China's Cherry Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

We always make time for snacks after our Vivero work is done.

Andrea Belen and China

These 2 young entrepreneurs decided to harvest the oranges that our tree had dropped and went around the neighborhood offering them for sale.  They received $15 pesos for a kilo of oranges
and split the profit!

Girl Power Rules!

Thank you again to everyone who has made our project possible.

Watch us grow in 2020!

Happiest of New Years,

Vivero La Esperanza

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