Thursday, January 30, 2020

+++++++++++ Abastos Visit for FoodShare Program ++++++++++

FoodShare at Mercado Abastos Guadalajara

Our FoodShare program has been growing by leaps and bounds.

Recently we went from supporting 40 families in the San Pedro Itzican area to
50 families, plus the families of the renal disease patients in the town.

We are always looking for resources/donations (food, $, etc.) to continue to
support this food giveaway/exchange program.  The families work in the town 
and, in exchange, they are allowed to take food from our food pantry.

 Central de Abastos

While most visitors are told to visit Mercado Libertad in Guadalajara, more commonly known as San Juan de Dios, el Central de Abastos is the regional wholesale market that supplies all the other markets with produce. The market is the size of a neighborhood with the vast majority dedicated to wholesalers. However there are several retail sections that have the freshest produce you will find in Guadalajara at a fraction of the price of the supermarket. Big Rig trucks arrive 24 hours a day with treasures from the provinces. This is where the price of staples of the Mexican diet are set based on supply and demand. Seasonal changes are marked by the arrival of the mandarin or the pitaya and you can find excellent examples of the local culinary traditions.

Always trying to maximize our resources, we ventured to Mercado de Abastos in Guadalajara to
purchase foodstuffs at wholesale prices, thereby being able to help more families.

Staples such as rice, beans, lentils were available at great prices.  The produce was wonderful too!

100 kilos of this, 50 kilos of that and soon our car was full!

We plan a monthly shopping trip to replenish our food pantry.

Join us!

Vivero La Esperanza

Another Saturday at the Vivero, another set of projects worked or completed...all done with
smiles, laughs, dirty hands and warm hearts.

Bamboo "Anti-Gallina" Structures

We continue with our "anti-gallina" structures, improving and refining the building process.

 Dr. Lalo and the kids jumped right on it and created 3 new estructuras 
to protect our newly planted beds.

Harvest and New Bed

Sonia was back to harvest the arugula and kale from her bed and to plant new seeds.

Metal Structure

Raising our 2nd metal structure was one of our goals this Saturday.
I brought cement, sand and gravel to anchor the structure's post, but first we needed to raise
and set the structure.

Looking good!


When considering how to anchor the metal structure I mentioned that we could hire some local people to mix and set the cement.  Our Brigadista leader Juliana said "we don't need them...we can do it ourselves!"  And so we did.

Both youth and adult volunteers got into the "mix".

Just like magic the structure was raised and the anchor holes filled.  
Next the walls and roof will be placed for our new greenhouse.


Priscilla brought coleus cuttings to transplant and worked with our "hormigitas" or youngest
Brigadistas, teaching them proper transplant techniques.


Carlos Alfredo found a book of interest and brought it to Dr. Lalo, who graciously
asked Carlos if he wanted to read.

China joined the impromptu reading circle.  The book...The Wizard of Oz.


We always make time for watering....

...and for admiring and appreciating our work.

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